b2b-b2c Transport Logistics

b2b-b2c Transport Logistics

Transport logistics as a part of contract logistics

As a part of contract logistics, the main task of transport logistics ensures a reliable and a secure coordination of all merchandise and movement of goods.

We at b2b & b2c Logistic Hamburg perform this task in the highlight of our professionalism, experience and by working closely with our contract partners in transportation. Information processing plays an important role in contract logistics and in the associated fields of transport logistics. Constant transparency in cargo tracing, a continual adherence to deadlines and a particular importance in ‘just in time’ production, are the ruling elements of our transport logistics services.

As a part of b2b contract logistics in Hamburg, transport logistics guarantees the most important logistical task of supplying:

  • the right quantity
  • of the right goods
  • at the right time
  • with the right quality
  • with the right costs
  • from the right location
  • with the right information for all those involved.

Our transport logistics services offer you the following capacities and services as part of contract logistics:

  • Freight purchasing
  • Transport management
  • Customs clearance
  • Dispatch handling
  • Land transport, sea and air cargo

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